Lord William Gilchrist


Bio:  William is a bit of a mystery.  No one knows exactly where he came from.  All we know is that one day, the Flotsam made port, and out comes Captain Catalina with William walking by her side.  It didn’t take anyone long to figure out that this man was no cabin boy.  And don’t try to ask Captain Cat what the story is or she will give you the dreaded hairy eyeball.

All anyone knows about William is that he is a fierce fighter with a penchant for engineering anything that moves.  And if it doesn’t move, it’s even easier.  Whatever you do, don’t get in the way of this man and his Captain.  Fallen From Grace is very happy to have added him to his ranks, and that’s all anyone needs to know.

Interests:  Rapier, siege, putting things together, fire, sewing, woodworking, Catalina.


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