Mistress Alina Silverthorne


Bio:  Mistress Alina Silverthorne is a London weaver and seamstress who runs a very respectable tailoring shop to make ends meet while her husband fights the Spanish Armada on one of the King’s warships.  How exactly the staid and proper Alina met the FFG gang seems to be a mystery, but a scandalous rumor has it that in her younger days Alina was known to dress up like a man and fight with swords.  Yet another scandalous rumor suggests that Mistress Alina can be persuaded to patch up injured FFG folk in the strictest of privacy (and usually in the dark of night).  Now, we of course know that’s not true, since Alina would never, ever, ever poach on the territory of the Guild of Barber-Surgeons, even if they wouldn’t accept her because she was a woman.  Really.  She wouldn’t.  We swear.

Current Interests: Costuming, weaving, medicine, and too many to name here, but we assure you that she keeps busy

Homepage:  Alina’s Wardrobe


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