Maîtresse Belphoebe de Givet *


Bio: Household matriarch. Belphoebe is  a 16th Century Frenchwoman, daughter of a judge from Rouen, and wife to Marcellus, an Italian merchant who these days holds a Baronial coronet.  In her younger days, Belphoebe formed part of Catherine de Médici’s “Flying Squad,” the group of ladies of her entourage who doubled as intelligence-gatherers.  Although now married and not residing at Court anymore, Belphoebe is still technically in the Queen’s employ and carries out the occasional task, as her Royal Mistress requires.

Most of the time, Belphoebe can be found in the company of her husband, the notorious Baron Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli whom she met at a tavern brawl, during the days when she was running a covert operation for her Royal Mistress, posing as a Spaniard named Miguel.

Because of her family’s legal and political connections, as well as her own, Belphoebe is in charge of all the legal part of the Company’s business.  She seems to enjoy it entirely too much.

Known Aliases: Belfabulous.

Current Interests: Costuming, music, rapier fighting , siege weapons,  embroidery, and causing general mayhem.

Definition: Belphobia – Fear of Belphoebe wielding daggers.

Motto:  “Fabricati Diem PVNC.”

Quotes:  “Who, me?”  “I am sweet, and innocent, and defenseless.”

Marcellus’ opinion on the above mentioned quote:  “Sweet, you can pull.  Innocence, you lost a long time ago.  And anyone who believes you are defenseless is a candidate for Darwinism.”

Homepage: Une Robe Magnifique

Apprentices:  Geoffrey ap Clwyd, Brianna O’Dinneen, Cellach Mor (Kel)


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