Baroness Greta Klusenaere


Bio: Greta is a late 15th cen. German lady born at Castle Eltz on the Mozel River. Started as a lady-in waiting to Countess von Eltz, showed an early aptitude for linguistics and information gathering, and was shipped off to Wales to work for the Countess’ good friend, Mistress Tannis of Tir-y-Don. Acted as translator and covert mischief maker for Mistress Tannis for many years. Married off to a minor Knight who died young, but left her with a title and a small amount of money which she parlayed into a tidy nest egg.  Believes in cultivating friends in many places.

Known Aliases: Stealth Baroness, Greta Cuisenart, Her Okey-dokeyness.
Device: Gules, on a bend dovetailed between two thistles Or, a bendlet Sable
Badge: A chaplet of thistles Or (Fieldless)
Current Interests: Calligraphy & illumination, Geoffrey, early printing, needle arts (sharp pointy things!), cooking, casting, rapier, covert mischief, non covert mischief, etc.
Quote: “You pierced your WHAT?!?”

“I have a coronet and I’m not afraid to use it!”

“That was obviously designed by drunken monkeys.”

Homepage: Greta’s Manor


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