Baroness Catalina dell’Acqua *


Member of the Brute Squad

Bio: Catalina was the only daughter of a sea faring merchant. At her mother’s death, and not having a son to learn the family business, her father decided to teach her the tricks of the trade and take her with him on his travels. During the lengthy months at sea, Catalina learned to sail, run a ship, weather storms and, when the need arose, shoot a gun and wield a sword – one may say rather well.

After her father died in a freak spring storm, Catalina took command of the ship much against the will of her father’s partners, who desired nothing more than to take over the family business. In order to raise money and buy them out, she took to a different sort of “merchanting”. It has never been proven, but some say that she was not above transporting less than reputable merchandise, and even engaging in a bit of piracy on the side.

Somehow, Catalina and her ship “The Flotsam” and has gained a reputation around the Mediterranean and European coast for bringing bad weather where ever she goes, and rarely finds it necessary to fire a single shot in anger. Crews will jump ship in perfectly calm oceans just seeing her ship in the distance.

Unfortunately, the authorities don’t quite see eye to eye with Catalina on the whole ship-wrecking thing, and she often finds it necessary to lay low in “friendlier” ports. Sometimes this lady takes a break from the sea and lies low in order to avoid unwanted attention from the local authorities. It was during one of those breaks that she met Lord Magnus Rasmussen, an Inter-Kingdom special envoy from Scandinavia to the English Court, who was interested in collecting information from abroad. It was Lord Rasmussen who introduced Catalina to Baron Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli and Maîtresse Belphoebe de Givet, who were expanding their mercantile shipping company.  Immediately recognizing the potential the young woman had for their business, Catalina was offered a position in the budding Fallen From Grace consortium, and has been a captain for them ever since.

With Belphoebe and Marcellus’s rise to Baron and Baroness, and her own recognition for service to the Crowns, Catalina has found it much easier to steer clear of the authorities, which allows her a much greater freedom in transporting merchandise for Fallen From Grace.

Among the many other rumors circling about Catalina and her ship it is said that it was Catalina’s ship, with Belphoebe onboard, that managed to sneak Marcellus, Delphina the Mad, and The Walrus out of Istanbul after the infamous Sheriff Incident.

Known Aliases: Tater Tots, Rain Maker, Gnomey, Captain, Pirate-Cat, Signora Gobernadora, Cabin Girl, the Once and Future Captain.
Interests: Rapier fighting (daggers, daggers and more daggers), combat archery, siege engines, chirurgery, drumming
Quotes: “Death doesn’t frighten me anymore. In fact, once you get past the first death, the rest are easy, and rather fun.” “Now why’d they have to go and make me all respectable and stuff?”


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