Master Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli *

Bio: Patriarch. Marcellus was born to a distinguished family of horse breeders from the north of Naples. Being that he was the second son, tradition held that his role in life was laid out for him – he would join the Church and spend the rest of his days praying for the health and well-being of his family. Being the good son he was, Marcellus promptly joined a Benedictine monastery with all the zeal of his thirteen years. But this was not to last. His intelligence and questioning nature promptly got him in trouble, and it was not long before he decided that perhaps a life in the clergy did not exactly suit him. At the age of fifteen, to the dismay (and not inconsiderable anger) of his family, he left the monastery and joined the crew of a merchant sailing for Istanbul.

Nineteen years later, Marcellus is still sailing and has no desire to return to the monastery, even though his estrangement from his family troubles him greatly. He has proven to be a keen businessman with interests in various merchant ships and other ventures, and has become involved (financially and otherwise) with the Maîtresse Belphoebe de Givet, whom he met in the days when she was on the run from the Spanish Inquisition, and who he has since married. He currently spends his time with Belphoebe and other various friends and business associates, and avoiding angry family members like the plague.

Portrait: With a patriarch like this…

Homepage:  La Salle de Marcellus



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