Zada Byrd

So demure . . . Or is she?

Ohhhh!  Shiny!  Bio: Where Lady Zada came from, nobody knows for sure. But on various occasions, this notorious lady has claimed to be the direct descendant of Egyptian Pharaohs, the Khalif of Medina, and the Queen of Sheba. It is suspected, however, that she was the daughter of a fisherman in Ephesus and that when her parents decided to give her away in marriage to the local apothecary–a man about 60 years her senior–Zada ran away with a caravan of gypsies never to be heard from again.

All we know is that the Lady Zada has become a gifted performer, exotic dancer, and wielder of rapiers.

It said that Zada first met the Patriarch of House Fallen From Grace, Baron Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli, in the bustling markets of Istanbul, where she was a regular customer of Delphina’s Quality New and Used Goods Emporium. Marcellus promptly recognized the potential of the lady as a source for valuable and much marketable information. Thus, a very useful and profitable business relationship ensued.

Delphina’s hasty flight from Istanbul, after the sad demise of a sheriff via one of her daggers finding its way into his back, was a blow to Marcellus’ family business–not to mention Delphina’s–and for a time they lost track of Zada. She resurfaced in Spain a couple of years later, traveling among a troupe of performers, and has since resumed her business relationship with House Fallen From Grace.


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