Lord Thomas Lyon of Braemar *

Per bend sinister, vert and sable, a bunch of grapes argent   Grrrr  Fierce, yet refined . . .Bio: Thomas Lyon is the descendant of Thomas Lyon of Braemar, a 14th century Scotsman who started the brewery which funded Thomas’ initial investment in Fallen from Grace. Because of his namesake’s proclivity for sampling his own wares, often immoderately and in dangerous proximity to open flame, he was quite known for his self-directed volatile and explosive qualities.

Thomas’ family migrated to England, under suspicious and best left uninvestigated circumstances, a few generations ago, and Thomas himself came to London to establish contacts necessary for growing the family business. Despite early difficulties, often resulting in or from his acquaintance with less than reputable business people, he finally achieved some success, coincidentally around the same time he began associating with Fallen from Grace.

He is now known to use Fallen from Grace’s shipping interests exclusively for importing raw materials, often from exotic locales, and exporting the finished product of the family brewery around the islands and to the continent. He has also invested some of the wealth this association has brought him back into the company to the point that he is currently an equity stakeholder with some voting stock. It is also rumored that some of the incoming and outgoing tuns are not necessarily filled with fermentables and potables, although no one who has ever made such claims has stood by them for very long, often making loud, hasty public retractions.

Re-enactment Background: Thomas started historical re-creation in the SCA *harumph* years ago, at the College of Rencester. He was active there throughout college and for a bit after, cultivating his initial interests in duello (often joking about violating William and Mary’s charter while practicing fencing in the Sunken Gardens in the middle of Old Campus), dancing, and brewing. Another fun trivia fact: when Thomas authorized in duello for the very first time, he became a Freescholar. (This was some years before the Treaty of the White Scarf, that changed the scarf for Provosts to white, introduced the gold scarf to which the title of Freescholar was moved, leaving plain, authorized fighters with their blue scarves lowly Scholars.)

Thomas went inactive a year or so out of college, for a few years, due to nasty, bad politics with the local group where he was living at the time. At that time he, and his then fiancee and now wife Giovanna, dabbled with Revolutionary War re-enactment, in particular hooking up with a Colonial dance group.

Thomas became active once again around 1997-1998, after moving to the DC Metro area, where he still resides. He has also played with the Traynd Bandes of London, an Elizabethan militia group, in particular Gardiner’s Companie, as a pikeman. He has also dabbled with the English Civil War Society of America, in particular the King’s Life Guard of Foote.

Portrait: “I am not a thug, really.”
Known Aliases: 
The Kamikaze Scotsman
Brewing and vintning, dancing, duelling
Memorable Moments: 
Being wrapped in a great kilt for the very first time, on the lawn at Emerald Joust some years ago before many kingdom notables. Committing acts of derring-do witnessed by two different Queens, on two different occasions. The first appearance of the Kamikaze Scotsman. What I can recall of Pennsic XXX after the blunt trauma to the skull.
“Better dead than shabby.”
“Belphoebe, did they at least see the sheep?”


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