Lord George Geoffrey of Exeter

Per bend sable and argent, a fox statant or and a bear's head cabossed What's that, Evil Ducky? Stare directly into Evil Ducky's eyes--you are getting very sleepy. Bio: George is actually two personas: George the first and grandson George the third, we don’t talk about George the 2nd) Multiple personality disorder is only slightly quackers. ;P An English privateer, boson on a Welsh ship, George raids on the high seas traveling greatly, vanishing for months at a time returning,with wild ideas, tales and loot. Trying to buy his way into the “legit” nobility. While fighting, carousing, and spying in various ports for likely victims, he is often in the company of pirates, rogues and thieves. Oh my.

George 3rd is the rich fop of a grandson, that George 1 would be so disappointed in. He is artistically and intellectually inclined, but has no fashion sense and works hard at being a perpetual student, studying to be a fool and comedian. Often in the company of gypsies, traveling performers, fools, and anyone willing to laugh, especially at him.

Portrait: That’s his conscience?
Known Aliases: The Bearded Lady
Current Interests: Rapier fighting, games, chocolate, becoming a vertically enhanced fool, … jack of all trades master of none
Quotes: “Chocolate, it’s not just for breakfast any more.”
“I’m too big to pick pockets, I loot bodies.”
“He wasn’t alive, much.”
<staring and waving fingers> “These are not the pirates you are looking for……. Move along.”

Homepage:  Devil Ducky’s Den



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