Éammon Wallace

Still at Large  Bio:  The Walrus was found wrapped inside a rug in the markets of Istanbul. What was he doing there is anyone’s guess. Rumor has it that he was the cabin boy in a pirate ship and that when he fell asleep on the rug, someone with a sense of humor thought it funny to roll him up. They say that the boy was still asleep when the ship got to port and the Captain decided to sell it – the rug, not the boy – among a whole batch of loot to Delphina The Mad, who was running a used goods emporium at the time.

When Éammon woke up hours later, he started screaming like a banshee. This prompted Delphina to think that the rug was haunted and to bring her brother Friar Liam Bartholomew Insipid (who would later become a Cardinal) to exorcise it. When asking the “spirit” to identify itself, all they could understand from it was “Walrus.” (He was trying to say Wallace but the muffling of the rug and his thick Irish brogue didn’t help one bit.) So Walrus became his name. Forever.

Walrus became Delphina’s trusted assistant, and followed her to Italy when she had to leave Istanbul in a haste on account of one of her daggers unexplainably finding it’s way into the back of a sheriff. By that time he had already met Baron Marcellus and Baroness Belphoebe as they had a partnership in Delphina’s merchanting and nautical ventures — which have proven to be quite profitable for everyone.  (There is also the rumor that The Walrus is actually the secret child of Belphoebe, a product of a liaison in her younger days, but no one has been able to corroborate this information.)

Marcellus and Belphoebe have tried to teach him how to fence, with very little luck so far. The Walrus is more interested in the business end of the term “fencing” than in the fighting implications of it. And he has been proving over and over to be quite good at it!

Known Aliases: The Walrus, Monkey Boy, El Brato.
Fencing, cooking, girls, wreaking general havoc, sleeping.
“You guys are the reason I’m on therapy!”  “Mom, defend my honor.  I’m too lazy to get up.”  “Lord have mercy on my soul,   because Mom and Marcellus will not!”


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