Maestra Cassandra Arabella Giordani

Bio: The daughter of a powerful Florentine merchant, Lady Cassandra was expected to marry young, her parents having their eyes into a convenient alliance for their household resulting from such a marriage.  It is said that talks are still taking place but no negotiations have been finalized yet.

A demure and proper Florentine maiden, Cassandra is also the twin sister of Lord Cassio Giordani who, if not for being the heir of the family’s business, would like nothing better in this life than to take orders as a monk.  Because of that, he tends to let his sister quietly handle all of his business deals, as she has a good head over her shoulders for this sort of thing.

Cassio is currently flabbergasted at the continuous rumors that he has been seen juggling clubs like a commoner and serenading the ladies at assorted taverns.  This is particularly worrisome as the poor man lacks any coordination, cannot carry a tune in a bucket and never leaves home.  (His sister, on the other hand, has a beautiful singing voice and is capable of juggling anything under the sun:  Clubs, knives, hamsters, small children, etc.)

When his favorite clothes began disappearing at the same time as his alleged “escapades,” Cassio began to suspect that someone was impersonating him and started to follow his sister everywhere.  Cassandra, however, has proven to be a slippery target.  So far, he has not been able to catch her slipping out of the house and, in the meantime, the rumors persist.

For her part, prim Cassandra gives her brother an innocent smile every time he’s around, while she works on her music as befits a proper maiden of a good family.

Device: Per chevron embattled azure and argent, three annulets, one and two, argent and a rose proper

Interests: Music; juggling; costuming; siege engines; web ministry.

Aliases: Cass/Cassie; Momma Borg; Rescuer of the Web Page.



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