Lord Cosimo of Venice

Who do you think is responsible for the dangerous fencers of the Household?

Bio:  Lord Cosimo of Venice was born, well, in Venice.  Fourth son of a Venetian (what else?) merchant, he was not in line to inherit into the family business.  His father, being the enterprising gentle that he was, bought young Cosimo’s way into the military so he would make a name and a fortune for himself.

With all the enthusiasm of his youth, Cosimo joined the ranks and fought in several wars, acquiring in the process a rather extensive experience in the matter.  After ten years of this, he decided that he had had enough of military life and decided to go places on his own.

Because of his prowess with a blade and his experience with military tactics, Cosimo had no trouble finding patrons who would hire him as a weapons instructor for themselves and for their retainers.  However, trading was also in Cosimo’s blood and, having a good sense of business, he invested in several ventures of the sort, one of the most profitable being the Fallen From Grace consortium.

These days Cosimo lives comfortably of his earnings as a weapons master and of his profitable business ventures.  He also teaches and trains the members of the Fallen From Grace consortium and their extended family and retainers, which gives him great satisfaction and not a little relief.  Hey, after all, he has an interest in the business you know.

Quotes:  “No puffy pants for me!”

“Let me show you how you can beat that guy . .


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