Lady Delphina the Mad*


Member of the Brute Squad, Camp Clergy

Bio: Delphina was the only daughter of an impoverished country nobleman in Leguria Italy. In an attempt to save the family fortune Delphina was married off to a wealthy land owner. Delphina however wasn’t your typical shrinking violet and proved to be too rambunctious for her husband. In efforts to control her, he routinely locked her in the tower of their manor house. Some even said that the young bride might have gone a wee little “mad”.

Soon, however her husband found out that his wife was an excellent escape artist. In one final attempt to control her and prevent further embarassment to the family, he decided to take her to Sicily and place her in a convent . However, during the trip their ship was attacked by pirates and Delphina was the only one left alive. Delphina now lives “quietly” in her manor house and is never seen much. Rumor has it she has actually formed some shady business partnerships — possibly of the privateer kind — and leaves the manor for months at a time. Other rumors have it that a woman of the same name and of the same description has opened a shady dagger emporium somewhere in Istanbul.

Delphina has a Brother, Cardinal Liam Bartholomew Insipid (last name changed for unknown reasons, but some believe it was at the request of his family) who people call Cardinal Sin because of his less than saintly habits. Some believe that Cardinal Sin often accepts money from his sister in exchange for useful information. Attempts to find whether the rumors are true have gotten inquiring minds nowhere.

Picture:  Shall We Dance?

Known Aliases: Delphina the Mad, Delphina Le Fou, Delphina von Mulva, Cardinal Sin, Hey You, THE Pirate,  Delfiny-uuuuh, and after receiving her AoA:  Honest Delphina, The Mad, Your Captainness, The Chaos Pope.

Current Interests: Aquisitons, archery, siege, embroidery, 14th century costuming and everything pirate (of course).

Motto: “No Matter where you go, there you are,” and “What! Me worry?”

Quotes: “Mom (Belphoebe) can you come get us?” (It’s only a 240 mile trip) and “He’s my Cousin (Alric the Mad) ….no relation”

Homepage: Delphina’s Emporium


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