Lady Ana Beig de Roslyn


Bio: Despite what you might think, the quiet village of Roslyn is not currently home to Ana Beig. She may have been born there, but when she was a small girl her family moved to the bustling royal burgh just to the north, a consequence of her father’s thriving goldsmith business. Cosmopolitan Edinburgh is much more to Ana’s taste, with the Court moving in and out, all the writers and makars and merchants, and the fantastic port of Leith a hour’s ride away!

It is through the Port of Leith that Ana got to know House Fallen From Grace. Completely respectably! We promise! Well, there may have been some crazy love letters from Captain Kiefer, but Ana has her eyes set on a respectable merchant’s son or noble lord.

When she’s not seeking out good Flemish wools, that is.

Interests:  Costuming, rapier, music, shopping (especially fabrics).


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