Kade is the reason that English gypsies didn’t make a practice of stealing children.  She was stolen from a small village somewhere in the English countryside by a gypsy named Esmirelda, and abandoned again some years later, after the gypsy realized her mistake.  As a child she tended towards thievery, generally of such interesting objects as the feathers out of noblemen’s hats.  Though she was cute enough never to be executed, she was responsible for many hasty departures on the part of the gypsies, usually just as they were about to transact their business.

After waking up one morning to discover the caravan had left her behind, Kade travelled haphazardly to the nearest city, where she briefly joined a gang of street children before leaving the city with a troupe of traveling players.  She had fallen asleep in the back of one of their wagons, and was mistaken for a pile of rags when they left the city before dawn.  When they discovered that she could sing, however, they allowed her to stay, and she learned to make herself useful sewing costumes.

No one quite knows what it is that Kade does now.  She has been seen in Exeter, consorting with privateers, and there have been various unconfirmed sightings in other locations, including the rapier field.  When cornered, she has been known variously to give the names of Katherine Tatterskirt, Katherine Ragamuffin, or Rowena Flaxflower, and has at least once answered to the name of Sarah, though this may be just a coincidence.

Interests: Rapier, costuming, music, confiscating hat feathers.
“I think I had a quote once, but I have forgotten what it is.”
 The Maze of Words


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