Frau Hrosvitha von Celle

Combat Seamstress, she who fights with long pointy things, 4″ or 4′, Laika’s “mommy”

Bio:  Hrosvitha von Celle, known to most as Vitha, was born in Celle, a small town in northern Germany. The daughter of a local woodcarver and a migrant gypsy, she learned at an early age about independence. When Vitha was only a 3 year old babe, her mother decided she had been in one place too long and took back to the road. As a result, Vitha’s memory of her mother is quite vague. Her father raised her as best he could as a single parent. Not wanting her to be left without marketable skills he taught her music, self defense, and oddly enough, sewing.

At the age of 15, Vitha decided to set out to find her mother. Although her father was not thrilled with this prospect, he prepared her as best he could, providing her with portable musical instruments, and weapons to defend herself with. Having become an accomplished seamstress, Vitha worked her way to Paris, France, the fashion capital. There she met Aramis de Cantigny, a merchant who happened to have a lovely load of brocades that week. Taking a liking to him and he to her, the two set out to sell wares together.

Vitha and Aramis also know a thing or two about music. In fact, they can make really lovely music together. The most recent result of their collaborations are named Jamie and Sammy who are also known to be some of the best-dressed babies in the Knowne World.

Portrait: Work that houpelande
Known Aliases: 
Runs with scissors


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