Duchess Rachel Wallace


Bio:  Born to moderately wealthy parents in Scotland, Rachel Wallace showed an early talent for weaving. When it became obvious that she knew more than the local women, Rachel was shipped off to London, to be fostered to Countess Judith von Gruenvald, and learn more of her trade. Often ‘loaned out’ to the many silkwomen on Soper Lane, Rachel soon knew the ins and outs of the textiles trade as well as, or better than, many who had been in the business for years.

Rachel became romantically involved with a young man, Janos of Cyddlain Downs, who was squired to an Irish knight. When one of the silkwomen whom she had helped often retired and moved to the country, Rachel was left with the business. Partially to placate the guild heads (and partially because she wanted to anyway), Rachel married Janos, who was now a knight, (as the guild would not recognize a business as legitimate if a woman was in charge).

Having heard of a shipping company called Fallen From Grace, Rachel set up a meeting with Marcellus and Belphoebe. As they brought her to the company’s warehouse on the docks, they found the crew of The Flotsam in a rather forceful discussion (complete with daggers, swords, and a crossbow wielding Delfina) with a group of thieves who had tried to break into the warehouse. The fight was soon over, and left Rachel much impressed with the crew. With Janos away fighting in the border skirmishes and dealing with pushy, opinionated barons, Rachel was alone in London, and decided on the spot to hire the crew as body guards when they were in port. As time went on, she also found it unwise to ask too many questions when certain ‘rare’ supplies came her way far faster (and for a better price) than it did for her competitors on Soper Lane.

Janos returned from the battles having been given a duchy for his service to Crown and Kingdom. Rachel ‘retired’ with him to their lands, but continued to run her business in London. She also continued her association with the Fallen From Grace Trading Company, and has occasionally found it necessary to hire them for jobs other than simply shipping.

Known Aliases: Her Excellency, Her Majesty, Her Grace, She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Device: Or, a phoenix vert rising from flames issuant from base proper, a chief vert.

Current Interests:  Weaving, costuming, calligraphy and illumination, combat archery, equestrian arts, dancing, drinking.

Motto:  Death from afar!

Quote:  Well, alcohol was involved . . .

Webpage:  Rachel’s Warped Web Page


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