Duchess Marie-Simone de Barjavel la’fildena



BIO: Born to a French Catholic Father and Scottish Protestant mother sometime prior to 1533, Marie-Simone possesses a keen eye for luxury and a inherent sense of thriftiness. With one foot in the French-Court, and a strong mercantile business in Lyon, she travels as much as possible to encourage the spread of fabulous fabrics across the continent (preferable ones she sells).

Married off to a shiftless Scottish duke, she was left widowed at a young age and left with a child to raise.  She spent several years vetting suitors before deciding on a humble, yet wise knight, Sir Aelfred of Cres.  This has curtailed her travels to some extent, but Sir Aelfred has proved remarkably amenable to his wife’s compulsion to seek out fabric and encourage others to possess it.

Simone encountered members of House Fallen From Grace in connection with an exigency for some discreet sailing vessels.  With their contacts in so many ports around the continent it has proved a delightful relationship.

Interests: Fabric, jewelry, fashion, music and food.

Aliases:  Her Grace, Her Fabricness, la Maquerelle d’Étoffe, She Who Is Less Forgiving.


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