Who We Are

House Fallen from Grace is an SCA household, modeled loosely on a late period trading company. The core members represent the main investors and other equity stakeholders with voting interests. The friends of the household generally represent business contacts and associates formed and utilized by the company in pursuit of its various interests.

The household itself was formed in the Winter of 2001-2002, and we have since been navigating the waters of SCA historical recreation together.  Along the years, the little household that could has kept growing both in numbers and in accomplishments.  Together, we are an extended family and we hope to remain one for years to come.

In this page you will find information on the bios of our members and friends, links to our WebPages, useful resources pertaining to historical recreation, as well as various and sundry articles and humor.

We do hope that you enjoy your visit to the world of House Fallen From Grace.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Webmaster